Most recent recordings of the seismic station of Lormes (Nièvre)

Long-period channels view short-period channels

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Explanations about viewing real-time recordings.
The figures show ground movement recorded according to the three components of the Lormes (Nièvre) station seismometers. The vertical component (Z) is represented in red, and the horizontal components (N-S: North-South and E-W: East-West) in blue and purple.
To record the entire effective frequency band of recordings, two types of sensors are implemented: SP, or "Short Period", sensors (operating in the 0.5-25 Hz frequency band) and LP, or "Long Period" sensors (with periods longer than a few seconds). The first type is suitable for recording body waves and measures mb, MD and ML magnitudes. The second type, suitable for measuring surface waves, detects Ms or Richter magnitude.
For SP sensors, viewable periods are those of the current day and have 10 minute durations. In the case of LP sensors, data for the current week are viewed in two-hour periods.